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Contributed to manuscript in the American Heart Association’s Journal of the American Heart Association (JAHA) - Workplace Wellness Recognition for Optimizing Workplace Health A Presidential Advisory From the American Heart Association – April 2015

Co-Authored book chapter Making the Case for Population Health Management:  The Business Value of a Healthy Workforce in the Second Edition of “Population Health Management – Creating a Culture of Wellness” – April 2015

Featured in a Reader’s Digest article titled “America’s Sleep Crisis is Making Us Sick, Fat, and Stupid. But There’s Hope.” – April 2015

Featured in HealthlineNews in an article titled “Employers to Employees: We Want You to Be Healthy in 2015.” In the article, Dr. Isaac reviews the importance of a culture of health and the work performed in the Energy for Performance and Life Program, by the J&J Human Performance Institute. – December 2014

Featured in an article on the Reuters news service announcing the formation of The CEO Council on Health and Innovation by Johnson & Johnson and other corporations. The article is titled “Coke, J&J join big companies behind new employee wellness push.” – September 2014

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Published Do Workplace Health Promotion (Wellness) Programs Work? In Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine (JOEM) – September 2014


The Role of Worksite Health Screening:  A Policy Statement from the American Heart Association Circulation Journal of the American Heart Association – July 10, 2014


Article for For Your Health - Losing Sleep: The Next Global Epidemic? – June 2014


Article on “An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure” for IHPM/Work Place Wellness Alliance eNews – June 25, 2014


Contributed to Eisai Case Study in Obesity Management:  Moving Employee Populations Toward a Healthy Weight – A Case Study of the Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies’ Approach to Employee Weight Management – June 2014


Interviewed for Employee Benefits News during the Institute for Health & Productivity Management’s Annual Global Conference – March 2014


Published book chapter titled “Johnson & Johnson Bringing Physical Activity, Fitness and Movement to the Workplace” in “Implementing Physical Activity Strategies – Put the National Physical Activity Plan into Action with 42 Proven Programs”


Interview for Natural Awakenings magazine on the best means of wellness & prevention – September 26, 2013


Contributed to Fast Track Article in JOEM – The Link Between Workforce Health and Safety and the Health of the Bottom Line: Tracking


Market Performance of Companies that Nurture a “Culture of Health” – September 2013


Contributed to article in Health Literacy Improving Health, Health Systems and Health Policy Around the World from IOM on Innovations from a Corporate Perspective “Innovations – Wellness and Prevention:  A Corporate Perspective” – July 2013


Contributed to article “Employers’ Role in Cancer Prevention and Treatment – Developing Success Metrics for Use by the CEO Roundtable on Cancer” for Population Health Management


Contributed to policy paper titled “Health Screening in the Workplace” for the American Heart Association National Center in Washington DC


Published “Corporate Wellness Programs:  Why Investing in Employee Health and Well-being is an Investment in the Health of the Company” in “The Fulfilling Workplace The Organization’s Role in Achieving Individual and Organizational Health” – April, 2013


Quoted in MarketWatch Johnson & Johnson, for example, pays employees $500 to submit their biometrics and other health information; J&J then offers eligible employees an additional $250 if they get pregnancy counseling, enroll in a disease-management program or get their colonoscopy on time. The “tailored and targeted messages” paired with the monetary incentives are a “great way to bring people to participate in the program,” says Dr. Fikry Isaac, the company's vice president of global health services.  – February 26, 2013


Interview for “The Pulse” The Magazine for the Wharton Health Care Business Conference on “Health in the Workplace: Innovative Corporate Health and Wellness Programs” – February 2013


Published “A Role for Private Industry Comments on the J&J Wellness Programs in the American Journal of Preventative Medicine

Well-being: Productivity and Happiness at Work - “Building an Organizational Culture of Health” – June 2011


Experience in Health Promotion at Johnson & Johnson:  Lower Health Spending, Strong Return on Investment.  Health Affairs. - March 2011


The Impact of Weight Gain or Loss on health Care costs for employees at Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies.  Journal of Occupational & Environmental Medicine. - January 2011


Benefits Compensation Digest – 2010 – “A Legacy of Health & Wellness”


The HealthProject: reducing health care costs through improved health behavior. The C. Everett Koop National Health Award Web site.  Accessed June 23, 2010.


Business Week – “10 Ways to Cut Health-Care Costs Now” – November 13, 2009


The Long-Term Impact of Johnson & Johnson's Health & Wellness Program on Employee Health Risks - Journal of Occupational & Environmental Medicine. 2002


The Long Term impact of Johnson & Johnson’s Health & Wellness Program on Health Care Utilization and Expenditures.  Journal of

Occupational & Environmental Medicine. - January 2002


Johnson & Johnson LIVE FOR LIFE® program: now and then. Am J Health Promot.- 2001

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